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The Birdville High School Color Guard is a group of incredibly talented members of the Mighty Hawk Band. Although some members of the guard are musicians, most of its members are not musicians and come from outside the band program. Members do not have to play an instrument to be a part of the BHS Color Guard. The purpose of color guard is to provide visual and musical color along with overall general effect to the marching band show. During the fall, the color guard performs with the Mighty Hawk Band during halftime at football games and travels to various competitions around Texas. Using many types of equipment, including flags, sabers, and props, the ladies also wear elaborate costumes designed to visually enhance the show. The guard is heavily dance oriented and uses several varieties of dance, including ballet, jazz, and modern styles. The color guard are the dancers on the field, the gorgeous color in the show, and the essence of visual beauty.


During the spring, the color guard participates in their competition season known as Winter Guard. The guard performs elaborate visual shows set to recorded music, without the band, bringing the exciting activity of color guard indoors. These shows are performed in front of live audiences and judges, as they compete as members of the North Texas Color Guard Association (NTCA). Unlike most team sports, the entertainment factor makes winter guard unique. Set with elaborate costume designs and often performed with large, colorful props and backdrops, it can be likened to theatre shows or musicals. Thus, the indoor guard opportunity is a blend of that produces its respective title, “The Sport of the Arts.” The members of the Birdville Winter Guard competes against other color guards in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and in the state of Texas.

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