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PASIC Preview Concert Prep

Here is the plan:

- All students need to bring their concert black uniform tomorrow or at least have it with them in the afternoon since we will be at Gateway Church after school until the concert (CONCERT BLACK = black dress shoes, black socks, black pants, black belt, black undershirt, black collared shirts)

11:30AM – school dismissal

11:40AM – begin loading equipment truck (large instruments first)

12:30PM – arrive at Gateway Church (Students should carpool to help unload gear at Gateway)

1:00PM – eat lunch on your own (Bring money or bring lunch)

1:30PM – arrive back at BHS to load all remaining gear

2:15PM – arrive back at Gateway Church and setup full concert on stage

3:00PM – REHEARSAL BEGINS (All students are needed)

5:30PM – rehearsal with guest artist Alex Souris begins

6:15PM – REHEARSAL ENDS (Change into concert black uniform/eat dinner that is dropped off or wait to eat after concert)

6:50PM – CALL TIME for concert


8:00PM – Concert Ends

8:15PM – Load equipment truck (1st load)

9:15PM – Load equipment truck (2nd load)

10:00PM – Unload all gear at BHS

10:30PM – GO HOME!

We will NOT be rehearsing over the weekend!!!! You all have earned a much needed weekend off! 

Thank you so much for all of your incredible hard work.  I cannot wait to have an awesome PASIC Preview Concert tomorrow! 

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