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CORRECTION - Schedule for Monday Rehearsal #3

Remember, if you're in town, you are expected to be at rehearsal (work is not an excuse) :)

1:00pm -Jazz Saxophone (Cheripka) / Jazz Bass Trombone (Stover)

2:00pm - Jazz Trumpets (Cheripka) / Jazz Tenor Trombone (Stover) / Jazz Guitar (Depperschmidt)

3:00pm - Jazz Bass (Depperschmidt) / Jazz Piano (Cheripka) Jazz Drums (Robles)

5:00 - 7:00pm - Full Band Inside Playing

7 - 8pm - Full Band Outside Marching

We are flip-flopping the music / marching since it should be cooler later in the evening. We hope that is not too much of an inconvenience for anyone.

See you guys tonight!

Mike Cheripka

Director of Bands

Birdville High School

Birdville Independent School District