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Sunday Band E-News Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day Mighty Hawk Band!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great Labor Day weekend. As we look forward to tomorrow’s first day of face to face learning, I wanted to remind everyone of a few first day of school items:

· Be sure to do you COVID-19 self-evaluation at home before departing for school

· Be sure to wear your mask!

· Once entering the band hall, everyone must use the hand sanitization station

· Do you very best to stay socially distanced at 6ft away from each other at all times

· Be sure to bring your instrument and binder with music as we will be assigning you your lockers in the instrument storage room.

Tomorrow is going to be a lot of “how to” protocol due to the new operation rules as well as some paperwork and getting everyone organized. Please do your best to come with an open mind and a great attitude. We can’t wait to see you guys and to get started back on our path to normalcy!

Swag Package Reminder – Just a friendly reminder to everyone that tomorrow (Tuesday September 8th) is the last day to order your $75 swag package from TMF. The store will be closed down at 11:59pm for TMF to begin to process our order. To access the web store, please go to our website at and click on the “Store” tab. Remember all band members regardless of face to face, hybrid, or online only are required to purchase the $75 swag package. You are more than welcomed and encouraged to purchase any additional items from the web store. For every item purchased, TMF gives a direct donation back to the Mighty Hawk Band so be sure to tell all of your family and friends!

Football Game Band – In case you missed the announcement last week, we have great news! BISD has changed / adjusted their policy regarding marching band size restrictions for the home football games. They group will now include any student that wishes to be a part of the football game band. Commitment to the group is still 100% volunteer, but if you volunteer, you must attend all four home games. Please fill out of the survey ASAP so we can put our numbers together for the group and communicate that to facilities. The survey will close on Friday, September 11th. Please click on the link below to access the survey.

2020 Football Game Band Survey