Happy Sunday Mighty Hawk Band!

We had a great performance at Convocation last Monday and some super productive rehearsals.

We’re looking forward to a great performance at our Annual End of Summer Band Preview Show this Tuesday, as well as a great performance at our First Football Game of the Season vs. Keller Central High School at the Keller ISD Stadium.

The schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday – Non Varsity / Varsity Rehearsal

· 3:30 – 4:30pm (All Members of the Mighty Hawk Band Attend) / Spirit Show Review

· 4:30 – 6:30pm Varsity Rehearsal (Non Varsity folks are dismissed)

Tuesday – Dress Rehearsal / End of Summer Band Preview Show

· 3:30 – 4:30pm – Dress Run through of the Preview Performance in the FAAC

· 4:30 – 6:30pm – Go Home, Eat Dinner, Shower

o Show Shirt, Rehearsal Shorts, Game Day Ball Cap, Rehearsal Shoes, Swag Water Jug

· 6:30pm – Band Hall Opens

· 6:45pm – Inspection in the Cafeteria (Correct Uniform / Instrument / Flip Folder Music / Lyre)

· 7:00pm – Gates Open for the Public / Canes Dinners Served

· 7:00pm – Warm-Up for the Band

· 7:50pm – Gate

· 8:00pm – Performance Begins

o Field Entry / Golden Motion

o 2021 Spirit Show

o Meeting the Staff / Leadership Team

o 2021 Varsity Production “The Ruins”

· 8:30pm – Performance Ends

· 8:30pm – Necklace Ceremony on the 50 Center X with the Drum Majors

· 8:45pm – Any band member that bought a meal ticket picks up their meal

· 9:00pm – Everyone Goes Home

Wednesday – All Region Master Class

· Required for All Members of the Wind Ensemble / Highly Encouraged for All

· 3:00 – 4:00pm – Clarinets (Cheripka) Tenor Trombone (Stover) Flute (Mitchell)

· 4:00 -5:00pm – Trumpets (Cheripka) Bass Trombone (Stover) Oboe (Mitchell)

Thursday – Non Varsity / Varsity Rehearsal

· 3:30 – 4:00pm Non Varsity Rehearsal / Field Entry

· 4:00 – 4:30pm Spirit Show

· 4:30 – 6:00pm Non Varsity is Dismissed / Varsity Rehearsal

Friday – BHS vs. Keller Central away Football Game

· 3:15 – 4:10pm Dress Rehearsal / Run Through

· 4:10pm – Load Truck / Eat Dinner (provided by BUBB)

· 5:10pm – Inspection in the Cafeteria

o Show Shirt / Full Marching Band Uniform with Game Day Ball Cap (No Shako, Plume, Gauntlets, or Gloves)

· 5:20pm – Depart for Keller ISD Stadium

· 6:40pm – Pregame Activities Begin

· 7:00pm – Kick Off

· 8:30pm ish – Halftime Performance

· 10:00pm ish – Game Ends / Load Truck / Depart for BHS

· 10:30pm ish – Parent Pick Up / Arrive at BHS Dismissal / Unload Truck

· 10:45pm ish – Go Home!!!

End of Summer Band Preview Show – The Preview Show is Free to attend and we want as many people as possible in attendance so we have a large audience to perform for. All meal tickets are sold electronically and are $10 per ticket for a Canes Box Meal, and your choice of Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, or Lemonade. The QR Code to purchase meal tickets was emailed to you last week and is also available on the Mighty Hawk Band Website. Please be sure to sell your five dinner tickets! J

Forms– Any student missing the BISD Field Trip Travel / Medical Form will not be allowed to ride the bus to Friday’s football game. Please be sure that you have all of your forms turned in.

Uniform Fittings – All members should have been fitted for their uniforms last week. If for whatever reason you have not, please contact Ms. Mitchell or Uniform Mom Ms. Boyd ASAP so we can get you fitted this week.

Private Lesson Enrollment – Please use the link below to enroll in our Private Lesson Program. Birdville High School has an absolutely phenomenal Private Lesson Faculty and has financial aide available to help pay for you lessons. Every Member of the Wind Ensemble (Varsity Concert Band) is expected to study privately along with the top few chairs of the Symphonic Band. Every member of the Birdville High School Band program is strongly encourage to study privately.

For the most up to date information – Please find the most update information on the Mighty Hawk Band at or follow us on Facebook (Birdville HS Mighty Hawk Band).

Mike Cheripka

Director of Bands

Birdville High School

Birdville Independent School District

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