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Sunday E-News (Nov. 20-Dec.5)

Happy Sunday Mighty Hawk Band!

I hope that everyone had a restful Thanksgiving Break, and took some time to decompress from all of the craziness this Semester has thrown at us and is ready to push hard for the next three weeks to the Winter Break.

Congratulations to everyone again on a super successful performance of “City of Dreams” (the indoor show that we’ve been working on all semester) this past Friday evening at the BHS vs. Red Oak Football Game. I couldn’t have been more proud of the way that everyone performed…especially our freshman who had their first “show” performance, and our seniors who had their final “show” performance. I know it’s not the grand productions that we are all used to, but it was still special none the less getting to hear the freshman talk about how nervous they were before the performance as well as seeing seniors teary eyed and taking pictures with their sections after their final marching band performance. It was a very special evening for sure and I couldn’t have been more proud of the hard work that everyone put into making it a solid performance. Nice work guys!

The Schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday – Wind Ensemble Rehearsal

3:15 – 5:15pm

o Start Split – Brass with Mr. Stover in the Jazz Hall / Percussion with Mr. Figueredo in the Percussion Hall / Woodwinds with Mr. Cheripka in the Main Rehearsal Hall.

o 4:00pm – Full Ensemble

Tuesday – Nothing After School / All Region Help

Enjoy your Evening off

Wednesday – Concert Band Rehearsal - 3:15 – 4:45pm

Thursday – Symphonic Band Rehearsal - 3:15 – 5:15pm

Friday – Wind Ensemble Rehearsal - 3:15 – 5:15pm

Saturday – All Region Phase 2 / Freshman All Region Recording

Window Opens- 10:00am Saturday morning – Wednesday, December 9th 11:59pm.

Upcoming Performances - I know that we have not been very communicative regarding plans for upcoming performances and activities. Please know this has been intentional and that this is not the normal operating procedures. It seems like everything that we have pre-planed has either gotten cancelled, or moved for one reason or another and so we’ve just been trying to do our best on a week to week schedule based on the status of the Pandemic. Thank you all so much for understanding and being patient with us as we navigate these uncharted waters. We have the dates for our Holiday Concerts!!!

Winter Jazz Band Concerts will be on Thursday, December 10th at 7:000pm in the Main Band Hall. Limited Seating is available for an in person audience. Streaming / access to the recording of the performance will also be available online.

Winter Concert Bands Concerts will be on Friday, December 11th at 7:00pm in the Main Gym of BHS. Reserved seating is available to the first 250 people (only two people per family). Streaming / access to the recording of the performance will also be available online. More information to come on seating reservations later this week.

See you guys tomorrow!

Mike Cheripka

Director of Bands

Birdville High School

Birdville Independent School District

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