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SUNDAY E-NEWS (Sept. 20-25)

Happy Sunday Mighty Hawk Band!

Congratulations go out to all ofthe students who auditioned for the TMEA All Region 31 Jazz Bands this past Saturday. We had an amazing showing / our best results ever. Out of the 22 students that we had audition, 17 students placed in one of the performing Bands (a new school record), 10 students advanced on to the AREA round (a new school record), and 5 students placed 1st overall (a new school record). Congratulations to the following students:

· Brady Goar – 1st overall Alto Saxophone (Advanced to AREA)

· Thien Vu – 4th overall Alto Saxophone

· Julie Lynch – 2nd overall Tenor Saxophone (Advanced to AREA)

· Alexis Palacio – 1st overall Bari Saxophone (Advanced to AREA)

· Sonya Demaree – 2nd overall Bari Saxophone

· Bryce Giese – 1st overall Tenor Trombone (Advanced to AREA)

· Carter Thompson – 5th over Tenor Trombone

· Michael Kiser – 6th overall Tenor Trombone

· Hannah Scaff – 7th overall Tenor Trombone

· Douglas Sisk – 2nd overall Bass Trombone (Advanced to AREA)

· Matthew Leeper – 1st overall Trumpet (Advanced to AREA)

· Ethan McCutchan – 3rd overall Trumpet (Advanced to AREA)

· Draven Mitchell – 4th overall Trumpet (Advanced to AREA)

· Samantha Young – 7th overall Trumpet

· Philip Mcilvain – 1st overall Guitar (Advanced to AREA)

· Owen Mcilvain – 2nd overall Bass

· Brendan Green – 2nd overall Drums (Advanced to AREA)

o Honorable Mention

o Bayley Daniels – 11th overall Trumpet (1st alternate)

o Collin Ammerman – 3rd overall Guitar (1st alternate)