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Thanksgiving Special Edition E-News

Happy Hump Day / Thanksgiving Eve Mighty Hawk Band!

I hope that everyone is enjoying some well-deserved time off and relaxing while staying safe with family.

First off, congratulations goes out to the following 25 students who auditioned for phase one of the TMEA All Region Band / All State process last week, and have advanced on to phase 2 / the next round of competition. We couldn’t be more proud of your hard work!

Those students are:

Sonya Debaree, Oboe

Delilah Corona, Bb Clarinet

Julie Lynch, Bb Clarinet

Sherley Mallik, Bb Clarinet

Elizabeth Gardner, Bass Clarinet

Parker Boyd, Alto Saxophone

Brady Goar, Alto Saxophone

Matthew Boyd, Cornet/Trumpet

Britney Burkett, Cornet/Trumpet

Matthew Leeper, Cornet/Trumpet

Ethan McCutchan, Cornet/Trumpet

Connor Welsh, Cornet/Trumpet

Samantha Young, Cornet/Trumpet

Lauren Cram, French Horn

Draven Mitchell, French Horn

Trent Peart, French Horn

Bryce Giese, Tenor Trombone

Willian Qian, Tenor Trombone

Cole Vickers, Tenor Trombone

Michael Kiser, Euphonium

Collin McWilliams, Euphonium

Sofia Aspass, Percussion

Jacob Cohen, Percussion

Reina Corona, Percussion

Brendan Green, Percussion

Ellla Kinney, Percussion

The Schedule for this Friday’s Black Friday Game is as followed: