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Dear Mighty Hawk Band Community,

Hello Everyone! The Band Staff is INCREDIBLY proud of the students for not only their amazing performances so far, but also the amount of focus, grit, determination, and discipline they are bringing to our after school rehearsals. In less than an hour of total in-class instruction (and a surprise fire drill!), they put FOUR new segments of visual choreography into various segments of the show, on top of several musical changes we are implementing to enhance the musical side. What has made this all even more impressive is the number of smiles on faces, the amount of positive feedback from the students on the process, and the display of incredible character they have had with each other.

Lastly before the 'Two Week Look Ahead', we've had some awesome praise for the student's performance and attitudes, so I'd like to share just a couple of the unique ones with you all. At halftime during the Richland game, one of the BHS football coaches came out before bringing out the team to tell us how impressive the band sounded during their halftimeperformance. (Side note - I always figured the coaches were with the players?!) Following last week's game against Mansfield Legacy, the Legacy HS Drill Team and Band Staff reached out in an email to tell us thank you for cheering them on for their halftime performance and how it was so special for them to have all of that support from another school. Lastly, quite a few BHS teachers have dropped by to say that they are really impressed by how energetically positive the band students have been in their classes and at the games lately. I say all that to say...way to go Hawks, you are bringing a lot of positive energy to the world around you! We are so proud of you as performers and people! And now, your Two Week Look Ahead and some Announcements:


  • Below are the Volunteer Sign Up links for the Area F Marching Contest and Area F Marching Contest Make-Up date. Please sign up using the link below to help support ALL of the bands in Area F, including your Birdville Mighty Hawk Band! We need your help!!!

  • 10/23 Area F 5A Marching Contest

  • 10/25 Area F 5A Marching Contest MAKE-UP

  • A couple of time blocks have shifted in the schedule this week, those are all denoted with ***. I asked the students for their preference before shifting any times. The decision was overwhelmingly unanimous for this version. Full scheduling details for the Area F Marching Contest are below, and have been in the Google Calendar since earlier this week.

This Week (October 18-23)

  • Monday - Varsity Rehearsal

  • 3:30-6:30PM

  • Tuesday - Nothing!

  • Wednesday - FAAC Varsity Rehearsal

  • 3:30-6PM

  • Thursday - Spirit Show & Varsity Rehearsal

  • ***3:30-6:30PM***

  • Friday - Rehearsal, Dinner, & Home Game VS. Colleyville Heritage

  • ***3:15-4:45PM Rehearsal***

  • ***5PM - Pizza Dinner & Change***

  • 6PM - Inspection

  • 6:30PM - Pre-Game Performance

  • 7PM - Game Starts

  • 10PM (ish) - Game Ends

  • Saturday - Area F Marching Contest @ the FAAC

  • 12:30PM - Band Hall Opens

  • 1PM - Inspection

  • 2PM - Warm Up Begins

  • 3PM - Prelims Performance at the FAAC

  • 5PM - Students in the stands for Finals Announcements

  • *Dinner Provided*

  • The remaining schedule will depend on the "Finals Announcements" that occur at 5PM.

  • All students will need to reserve the entire evening for Area Finals.

  • 6PM - Finals Warm Up for Bands Begin

  • 7:30PM - Finals Performances Begin

  • 10PM - Placement Announcements in the stands

  • *Top 4 will advance to the 5A State Marching Contest*

Next Week (October 25 to November 2)

  • At the moment, our State Send Off Performance is slated for Thursday, this may change to Saturday instead depending on FAAC availability. If there are any major scheduling concerns I am unaware of here, please let me know immediately!

  • Monday - Varsity Rehearsal

  • 3:30-6:30PM

  • Tuesday - Varsity Rehearsal

  • 3:30-6PM

  • Wednesday - All-Region Masterclasses 3-5PM

  • Thursday - Varsity Rehearsal & Potential State Send Off Performance

  • 3:30-6PM - Varsity Rehearsal

  • 7PM - Potential Performance

  • Friday - Away Game Versus Red Oak

  • Schedule TBD due to buses, students will NOT go home before we depart to Red Oak HS

  • Saturday - Potential State Send Off Performance

  • Time TBD based on FAAC availability

  • The following Monday/Tuesday would be the potential 5A State Marching Contest Dates

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!

Thank You,

The Birdville Band Staff

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