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Dear Mighty Hawk Band,

Hello everyone! We are SO incredibly proud of all of our students for putting the final page of drill and the final chord of "The Ruins" on the field, this is an exciting milestone for every band program! We had a guest clinician/judge come to our rehearsal on Friday, Mr. Jeff King who often adjudicates Region, Area, and State Marching Contests. He was very complimentary of the show and the students, providing some GREAT feedback as we head into Region Marching Contest on Tuesday. Now we will begin the process of polishing the details and elevating the show to incredible heights. Now more than ever, this is the time where we need all performers in attendance, on time, and fully engaged at every rehearsal.

It's hard to believe it, but we are already nearing the end of the marching season! The Area F marching contest is just 2 weeks from today - pending positive results from Tuesday's UIL Region Marching Contest of course. Should we be so fortunate enough as to advance to the 5A State Marching Contest we are just 24 days from the potential final performance of "The Ruins". With the recent competitive realignment across the state of Texas and new incredible competitors joining our Area, thepath to 5A State Marching Contest is harder than it ever has been before! In order for the students to achieve the incredible honor of attending this contest, its' members will need to commit to each other, commit to the process, and trust that the staff is truly working our tails off to give them every opportunity to perform a show that is competitive at the highest levels across the state.

When performers in an ensemble have this buy in...pressure creates diamonds. It is in the intensity of fine tuning each detail and the repetition of habitual excellence that we will see something truly magical take place in their performances. We hope that each of our performers joins us on the path toward this level of superior performance. And of course, we'll make incredible memories and have A LOT of fun along the way!

A Few Announcements

  • Congratulations to Brady Goar for being crowned the 2021 Birdville HS Homecoming King!! As well as to Brooke Isbell for her selection to the 2021 Birdville HS Homecoming Court!

  • The TMF Store is OPEN until this Sunday at 11:59PM -

  • We (please) NEED additional volunteers for Birdville Marching Festival & Area F Marching Contest (both at the FAAC). You must be approved through the district to volunteer. Please pass along this information to anyone you think may be interested as well. If you have any questions, please reach out. Sign up is below!

  • 10/16 Marching Festival - BHS

  • 10/23 Area F 5A Marching Contest

  • 10/25 Area F 5A Marching Contest MAKE-UP

And now, here is the two week look ahead!

  • THIS Week (October 10th to 16th)