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Winners of 2020 Birdville Cluster Concerto Competition Announced

Hello Mighty Hawk Band Family,

On behalf of the Birdville Cluster Band Directors, I am pleased to announce our two 2020 Birdville Cluster Concerto Competition winners:

Smithfield MS Grand Champion:

  • Adrianna Pruitt - Flute performing "Concertino" by C. Chaminade"

Birdville HS Grand Champion:

  • Jocelyn Renteria - Flute performing "Poem" by Charles Griffes

Congratulations Jocelyn and Adrianna and the incredible 12 student musicians that performed tonight, we are so proud of you all!  Jocelyn was the Richland MS Grand Champion in 2016 and now the Birdville HS Grand Champion her senior year in 2020!    

If you would like to rewatch the competition please feel free to view it using this link.

If it asks, the password to view the video is:  6Q%jV+5$

Again, congratulations to our student musicians for performing tonight.  It was so nice to hear live music for the first time since our UIL Prevew Concert back on March 6th exactly 10 weeks ago!!! WOW!  

We miss you all terribly and can't wait to be together again someday soon.