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Winterguard Weekly (Apr 1)

Good morning and happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week and are looking forward to the three-day weekend.

To all of you and your students, congratulations on a wonderful Family and Friends Show performance as well as a successful competitive winterguard season! As mentioned during the Family and Friends Show performance, the students were awarded 3rd place at their last NTCA Winterguard contest this past weekend and we are so proud to finish the season strong! It has been wonderful to see your students grow and flourish this school year with a great production. I hope you are proud of the result from so many hours and rehearsals put into this final product that your students put together. Bravo!!

Please review the following reminders:

What’s next after competitive winterguard?

Students have begun the early stages of creating their own solo & ensemble choreography as part of virtually competing in the NTCA Solo & Ensemble contest as well as the first annual BISD Solo & Ensemble contest. The purpose of participating in these types of events is to give students the opportunity to create, design, and “direct” their own “show” (solo and ensemble), like a colorguard director would do. For these types of contests, students are asked to plan rehearsals (with their ensemble), choreograph their own work or collaborate with their ensemble, write drill, and make decisions on designing such as their own uniforms, flags, or other equipment to use.

Many band programs in the surrounding area are already starting their solo & ensemble contest preparations and the great thing about NTCA and BISD is that their S&E contests also reflects the next season of competition for us. While I have already given some information to your students, I am more than happy to share the same concrete logistical information I have thus far.

NTCA Solo & Ensemble Contest

  • Format: Virtual (solos and ensembles will send in a recording)

  • Dates: Saturday, April 3 & Saturday, April 17 (students may choose 1 of following dates to virtually compete in)

  • Entry Fee: First solo fee is waived. Any additional solo is $10 and ensemble is $20 (NTCA’s winterguard fees cover the first solo entry and not an ensemble)

BISD Solo & Ensemble Contest

  • Format: Virtual (solos and ensembles will send in a recording)

  • Date: Saturday, May 4

  • Entry Fee: Still being determined (Anticipated to be between $7 to $10. Separate or all-in-one payment of a solo and ensemble is also being determined)

How will my students record if I don’t have the right equipment and where will they record?

Students will be able to record their potential submissions during our class period as well as planning recording time and space after school. It is, however, not recommended to record outdoors where such spaces can fluctuate in their amount of distractions all while trying to combat weather conditions. Recording in our band halls is not only gives your student a professional setting, the use of audio playback equipment is free for students to use to give them the best and most successful recording of their work. Students should begin to plan rehearsals times with their ensemble in advance to ensure that rehearsal/recording space is secured.

Is my student expected to write/choreograph all of their own work? Where can my student get help?

Yes, these solo & ensemble designs are student-led and student-driven, meaning they will be “director” of their own solo and collaborator director in their ensemble planning. Part of the students’ tasks are to come up and develop their own work by utilizing all of the resources available, which could be asking for help from their peers as well as myself. This, however, does not mean asking for someone else or I to write the work for them; that would defeat the purpose of being their own director. Students have also been warned to not copy, or plagiarize, work from other people or groups. For additional references or resources, students are encouraged to seek help from myself for more individualized or group help.


As a reminder, each family is currently/has had their winterguard fees adjusted due to the unfortunate circumstance with uniforms. With fees reflecting the lowered amount, please know that they were scheduled to be paid off at the end of last month and if you have been unable to make a recent payment, I highly recommend that you do so ASAP. Should you need any help with logging in to Charms or resetting the password, feel free to reach out so that I may help you as best as possible.

Thank you so much for your support and great communication during this weird year. Parents, a huge thank you to you for supporting your student through all of this and being a great promoter of the performing fine arts. Without you, this activity would not be possible.

I appreciate everyone and look forward to continuing the school year strong with solos, ensembles, and next year’s auditions!

Have a great Thursday,

Sarah Chang Assistant Band Director, Color Guard Director Birdville High School

Birdville Independent School District

Office: 817.547.8395

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