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Band Merch Store


Use Passcode Tmf2022!

All Students are REQUIRED to have these items below:


5 - Black Ball Cap

6 - Might Hawk Band Spirit Shirt

7 - Birdville White Practice Tee

8 - "In The Void" Show Shirt

9 - 1/2 Gallon Water Jug Pouch

13 - Black Gloves (Feel free to get extras)

14 - Black Marching Band Shoes

* Freshmen will need to purchase all items. Upperclassmen, will need NEW 6 - Mighty Hawk Band Spirit Shirt and purchase what they need there after if items have been misplaced.

All other items are extra and are there if you'd like to purchase. Parents, polos are available for you to add in the order.

Please make sure items are order by July 21. After this cut off date, orders will be produced and shipped directly to your house within a 2 week period from July 21. Click the link below to start your order the TMF's website.


Use the password "Tmf2022!" (Without the Quotes)

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